ପାଶ୍ଚାତ୍ୟ ପୋଷାକ | How to select WESTERN WEAR | Fashion tips | Style Tips

ପାଶ୍ଚାତ୍ୟ ପୋଷାକ | How to select WESTERN WEAR | Fashion tips | Style Tips

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Ethnic wear-

To be adored and feel appreciated is the common feminine behavior. Don’t be upset if you’re not blessed with the perfect figure, you can achieve it with some ‘Enhance & Minimize’ tricks, which helps to create an illusion of a proportional balanced body shape. They help flatter your body figure, making your top and lower body look beautiful as well as balanced.
All women haven’t a perfect body. Some gain excessive weight on their bellies, while some fade of broad shoulders, feel irritated of fatty thighs, etc. In odd figure, one proportion would be bigger or shorter compared to the other ones in the body. Why to follow such fashions that can’t do any justice to your figure? It’s not possible that all cuts, styles, designs, colors and fabrics flatter every figure, but clothing as per your body type helps you dress up with full confidence. For your perfect style, you can apply clever fashion tips, design patterns and color choices that can take your clothing from ordinary to extraordinary.
Here are given some useful fashion tips and information for selecting clothes with proper cut, style and outfit coordination. So make smart choices and get ready for your take on the world!!!
1. Apple Shape:
Woman with an apple shape appears round, particularly around the waist-line. She has a large waistline compared to the hip and bust. Here body is notably thick in the middle The upper figure wideness is highlighted more with slim looking arms & legs. Apple shape body is also known as an oval or diamond shape body. Mostly, Apple-shaped women have slender arms & legs and narrow hips but often it has full bottom, and/or full upper thighs.
2. Hour Glass Shape:
This curvy figure is the most desiring among teenager girls. Majority of females spend their whole life trying to achieve such a curvaceous body. Women with hourglass figures have hips and a bust of the same width and a small, sexy & noticeable waist. You can smartly hide your wide shoulders with broader necklines and short sleeves.
3. Pear Shape:
Women with a pear shape body should have to balance their hips and shoulders, and don’t forget to show off curves. They should dress in a way that draws attention to the slim waist and upper torso.
4. Rectangular shape:
It is also known as an athletic, Horizontal, ruler or banana shape. Rectangular shaped women look more straight because of same width of shoulders, busts and hips with long arms & legs. It is difficult to find curve between hips and busts for this rectangle shape. Dresses like empire waist, A – line, and goddess help you give illusion of curvy figure. Your tall slim figure looks great in Maxi dress. As you have fit and slim body, show off your long legs & slender figure wearing short tight dresses.
5. Inverted Triangle:
One with this body shape has wide shoulders compared to the waist and hip. They do not fall in the same line. If you desire to have what is considered to be the most ideal body shape, hourglass, you will want to draw attention away from your broad shoulders or big upper chest and draw attention to your slim lower body and often lean legs.
This will give the illusion of your waist going in before you create volume on your lower half so your hips look shapely.

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