💈HAIRCUT by 84 Yr Old FEMALE BARBER “Kang” 🇲🇾 Melaka, Malaysia ASMR

💈HAIRCUT by 84 Yr Old FEMALE BARBER “Kang” 🇲🇾 Melaka, Malaysia ASMR

Melaka, Malaysia

Searching out the old master barbers in the historic colonial zone of Melaka, around Jonker Street, I found one female barber left.

Female barber, named Kang, 84 year old, works hard everyday cutting hair and doing shaves at her barbershop with the signboard “Seng Huat.”

She left me feeling impressed, by her strong neck and head massage. I asked her how old the barbershop is, but she just replied with “so old so old.”

I was greatly honored to sit in her barber chair.

Cost for haircut with neck and head massage: 20 MYR ($4.80 USD)

Location of Seng Huat Barbershop
Old Barber Shop
31, Jalan Hang Kasturi, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

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