10 FASHION TIPS | **Life-changing**

10 FASHION TIPS | **Life-changing**

Hi Guys,

Today is my 40th video on Youtube channel. Today am going to talk about top 10 fashion related tips.
1. Don’t buy apparel of same color in same type
2. Buy pair of jeans a size down to your actual fit
3. Don’t invest in trendy jeans instead go for a good quality basic pair of jeans
4. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes like a pair of flats than going for a high heel.
5. Buy right size of shoes, that fits you perfectly well.
6. Don’t wear dirty shoes, no matter how much you love your pair of white sneakers.
7. Don’t wear too much accessories, just 1 statement necklace or earring would suffice the look.
8. Don’t pair black footwear with a pastel look, instead go for a nude ballerinas.
9. Have proper manicure and pedicure because half painted or chipped nails look too shabby.
10. Switch handbags as per the situation.

These are my 10 fashion tips for the day. Hope you have enjoyed my video, don’t forget to like,subscribe and share.

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