12 Meghan Markle Style Tips that Will Also Work for You

12 Meghan Markle Style Tips that Will Also Work for You

Meghan Markle became a member of the royal family in May 2018 and her fashion style has changed a lot since the royal dress code is quite strict. However, she already won the hearts of millions and made girls across the world Google “Meghan Markle style” like crazy.

Even when she breaks the royal rules, it doesn’t make her look any less elegant. Meghan has always had good taste and her looks have always been beautiful and stylish. Let’s see how she does it and how you can follow her lead! Here’re some fashion tips from Meghan Markle that can be useful to all women.

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Highlight your skin tone 0:23
Emphasize your collarbone 1:28
Hide the imperfections 2:10
Choose the right tights 2:51
Make oversized clothes your best friends 3:17
Find the perfect pants 3:57
Invest in a solid cardigan 4:22
Two words: white shirt 4:57
Don’t be afraid to play with accessories 5:28
Get yourself some good-quality flats 6:17
Learn to match the accessories and clothes properly 7:00
Highlight the waist 7:43

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– To make your skin tone look its best, you have to start with finding out your color type. Girls with dark skin should wear hues of nude, khaki, and bright yellow colors. If your skin tone is lighter, you’d be better off with emerald and dark blue colors, or cool pastel tones.
– Out in public, Meghan draws the attention of millions of eyes. Obviously, she can’t achieve that effect by showing too much skin with a plunging neckline, but she does show her collarbone with a feminine subtleness.
– You might say Meghan is flawless and this tip is here by mistake. But in fact, everyone has that “something” they’d rather hide. The Duchess, for instance, has narrow hips and small breasts, but she knows how to work them to her advantage.
– Tights are perfectly capable of either ruining your look or making it more exquisite. Meghan usually wears tights of the same color as her dress.
– Meghan is perhaps the first member of the Royal family to let herself wear super trendy oversized clothing. It was definitely the right choice when she attended Wimbledon, and, once again, became the center of everyone’s attention.
– Meghan looks gorgeous in dresses, but she’s also great friends with trouser pants. She knows that a classic trouser suit works in any situation: even a business meeting or a celebration.
– f you look into Meghan’s wardrobe for inspiration, you’ll find quite a few long cardigans that go well with or over just about anything: from dresses to jeans. A cardigan made of luxurious cashmere might cost you quite a bit, but it’s an investment that’s totally worth it.
– Simple, elegant, classic – seems like enough reasoning for Her Royal Highness to wear white shirts on various occasions: from informal walks when she pairs them with jeans to fancy evenings when they look so cute with classic black skirts.
– Even when Meghan is wearing a gorgeous dress that looks like a masterpiece by itself, she doesn’t avoid spicing it up with some accessories. Clutches, necklaces, colorful jewelry – they make the whole look more complete and add a few bright accents.
– The Duchess of Sussex loves to sport big bags and she always chooses colors that will look good with her dress or suit. A dark green dress and a brown bag are the perfect example of this.

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