3+ FEET OF HAIR | How I Grew Butt Length Hair | Tips

3+ FEET OF HAIR | How I Grew Butt Length Hair | Tips

Hey Y’all,
Sorry about the frequent lighting changes. There was a storm passing by that day and I film partially with natural lighting. So sorry if that’s bothersome. So my hair is kinda my thing. I feel like it’s what makes me unique, makes me me honestly. Like it’s the one feature I have that’s all my own. That not every single other girl has. I know. That sounds cheesy. But I’m really attached to it. My hair care routine is very simple, but incredibly focused on decreasing damage and breakage. It’s probably not for everyone but this is what’s worked for me. I did color my hair back in high school. All kinds of colors too. I even tried to go BLONDE! Freaking blonde! (I’m obsessed w/ blond hair btw. Always want what you can’t have.) So it was really damaged by the end of all that color changing. I chopped it off to just above my shoulders my junior year of HS. (That would have been 2004 I believe.) Colored it back to my natural brown, and let it grow ever since. That’s been well over 10 years, I’m sure any color is long gone by now. And I think it was about 2 years and I had what I would consider “long” hair again. So this is what I do to keep it growing and keep it healthy. In fact, I’m actually considering cutting off a bit of the length. I’ll always have long hair, I’m just thinking 3-5 inches. I think it may look more polished or something. I’m moving up in my career and I don’t want people to think I look childish or something by the length of my hair. Do you know what I mean? Anyway, hope any of this is helpful to you. Be patient if you’re trying to grow your’s out. It’s a process but you’ll get there. 🙂 And leave any tips you have in the comments please! Thanks so much for watching!
xoxox, Jacquelyn

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