4C NATURAL HAIR TIPS that ACTUALLY Works – Hair Growth OILS I Natural Hair Journey

4C NATURAL HAIR TIPS that ACTUALLY Works – Hair Growth OILS I Natural Hair Journey

In today’s Natural hair video, I talk about how adding natural oils to your hair routine can help your here to grow FAST but also with your natural hair styles. I share my top 4 oils for faster hair growth! I love almond oil and Jamaican black castor oil but there are 2 others that works wonders. Any hair type whether you’re type 4, 4a 4b, 4c or type 3 3a 3b 3c or other hair types can benefit from oil use within a hair routine / regimen. All of the oils in this video are carrier oils. You can use any oil mix of your choice! Just do some research on that type of oil for example I have never used tea tree oil because I don’t think I need it. But you may.

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all products used:
Jamaican Castor Oil-
Peppermint Oil:
Almond Oil
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Hi, I’m Rose and I’m a 24 girl that lives in NYC. I went to college and have a bachelors degree in Cosmetics / Fragrance Chemistry and Marketing. I have a huge passion for all things beauty, so here on my channel you will find makeup tutorials, new products reviews, fashion, and if you want to learn how to live life on a BUDGET + want to feel Empowered/Encouraged for Jesus this channel is for YOU!! We’re always trying out NEW drugstore makeup and products, giving some skincare tips, styling clothing and lastly living our lives with purpose.

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