7 Shaving Secrets | Best Shave Of Your Life | Grooming Tips For Smooth Shave

7 Shaving Secrets | Best Shave Of Your Life | Grooming Tips For Smooth Shave

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Video Summary:
1:06 – Develop A Routine
2:22 – Prepare Your Face Properly
3:04 – More Blades Does Not Mean A Better Shave
3:58 – Use A Shaving Oil
5:14 – Use A Shaving Brush
5:40 – Never Shave The Same Spot Twice

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New to shaving? Been shaving for years but experience irritation or razor burn?

Prepare your face for a shave: Shave after a shower or use warm water.

Apply a pre-shave oil: It acts as a lubricant and ensures a smooth shave.

Use a quality shaving cream: Avoid using shaving creams and foams that are packaged in aerosol cans.

Use a brush: Apply the shaving cream in a circular motion and then with upward strokes to lift the hair up and away from the face.

Go with the grain: Start from the top of the face to the bottom – from your ear and work your way to your mouth. Shave gently with a perpendicular blade against the grain after shaving with the grain, for a smoother finish.

Don’t Rush It: Use slow, gentle and smooth razor strokes with even, light pressure.

Rinse the blade: After every one or two strokes, remove the hair lodged in between the blades.

Keep the skin taut: Pull and stretch the skin for a better shave.
Rinse your face with cold water: And pat dry with a towel at the end of the shave.

Apply a moisturizing lotion: The lotion rehydrates your skin and reduce irritation.

This video provides tips and tricks to have a perfectly smooth shave every time.

As always you can read the support article which goes into a lot more detail as well.

– Click Here To Read The Article – Seven Shaving Secrets