7 STYLING TIPS YOU NEED TO KNOW | Fashion tips for women

7 STYLING TIPS YOU NEED TO KNOW | Fashion tips for women

Here are 7 of my most used fashion styling tips and hacks that I know you will just love! Watch until the end because the last tip is MY FAVOURITE!

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What is your favourite styling tip mentioned in the video?

After 11 years of modeling and 1 year of working in retail, I’ve picked up a lot of useful styling tips! From tying a perfect bow to mastering the half-tuck and presenting yourself in your best form, I’ve got a lot to share. In today’s video, I am going to share with you my most used fashion tips AND fashion hacks.

“Fashion is pain” is a term used a lot but it doesn’t have to always be true. It’s my mission to help you style with ease and ultimately feel happy with your styling! These fashion tips and fashion hacks that I will be sharing with you are practical tips that I use every day, if not every week!

If you would like to see more videos that involved handy fashion tips and styling hacks, please comment below! I would be happy to make more!

Why I think presentation is important 👇
I think presentation is important not only to show yourself in your best form but to also feel your best. The way we feel is definitely mirrored in the way we act and come across. Confidence comes from within but can be enhanced by the way we present ourselves. I know I generally feel a lot more confident and spritely when I have brushed my hair, popped my earings in and thought about my outfit.

That’s where #HappyStyling comes into play. The clothes we wear should make us feel happy and boost our confidence, which, by the law of attraction, will then spread more happiness into our lives. That’s my mission, to help women feel great when they are putting together their outfits and spread happiness!


Styling Tips & Styling Hacks Summarised
1. How to tie the perfect bow
2. Invest in a clothes steamer
3. How to stop your black jeans from fading
4. Know your measurements
5. Mastering the half-tuck
6. Wear the correct underwear (lots of bonus tips in this one!)

I hope you enjoy today’s fashion tips video and you got value from this video!

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