8 Style Tips for Skinny Guys | How to Dress if You're Skinny | BluMaan 2017

8 Style Tips for Skinny Guys | How to Dress if You're Skinny | BluMaan 2017

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– I’m skinny and I wear clothes. Therefore – here’s 8 style tips for skinny guys.

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The 8 Style Tips for Skinny Guys:
1. Drop the baggy look!
2. Don’t buy clothes that are too TIGHT
3. Clean, Simple and Elegant accessories
4. New Shirts should fit SHOULDERS & CHEST
5. Buy a Henley!
6. Buy a Blazer! Formal or Casual
7. DROP the Tank Tops and Wife Beaters
8. Invest in some High Top Shoes


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I’m back, and this time I’m bringing you a bunch of Skinny Fashion Tips for guys! These tips will hopefully help you up your hair and style game. I really enjoyed making this video and bringing you all my tips and advice. For all you skinny guys out there. I hope you enjoy!
For everyone else, I’ve got even more content coming every Monday and Friday as my new release schedule. Expect more fashion tips, hair and style advice, tutorials, and haircuts for the rest of 2017, and onwards into the new year. Enjoy!


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