A Full Coverage Makeup Tutorial Hiding DARK CIRCLES!

A Full Coverage Makeup Tutorial Hiding DARK CIRCLES!

What causes dark circles? How do you cover them and will a full coverage makeup tutorial actually do the trick? These are some of the dying questions girls with dark circles around the eyes probably ask themselves everyday. I know I have. Let’s face it, some people are genetically blessed it seems and will never see a dark circle problem occur like EVER. I personally have gone through seasons of my life when my dark circles have looked in the mirror and said some pretty mean things like, “hey girl I’m your worst nightmare.” Maybe I’m being a bit dramatic but my wallet will back me up when I say I’ve spent tons of money trying to find the right concealer to hide those monsters. I spoke to my nutritionist and discovered that dark circles can happen for a number of reasons – not just genetics. Keep reading below..

It can definitely be a genetic thing but I’ve noticed that poor nutrition/ lack of water can also add to the problem. I’ve found the color lighten up completely when I changed my diet and started using a good under-eye cream in my morning and nighttime regimen (if you’re wondering what I use – I’ve been using Tula’s revitalizing eye cream for about 5 months now) If you go on my channel and look at the last under eye slash dark bags routine tutorial I did – you’ll notice a significant change (and no it’s not just the lighting change!!)

In this video you’re going to see an update on how I conceal my under eye imperfections – from the dark circles to the annoying little veins. All it takes is an awesome concealer and full coverage foundation. I hope this helps! I went ahead and also shared a full glam makeup tutorial so keep watching it until the end. As always, feel free to leave me some love in the comments and share your thoughts.

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