All About My Hair +Tips For Growing Long Hair

All About My Hair +Tips For Growing Long Hair

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Hi my loves! I wanted to post this video to discuss my personal experience with growing my hair! It has been a long bumpy road thats for sure. I figured I had to tell you all i’ve been through with this mane of mine. There were a lot of things that caused my hair to not grow for the longest time! These are just tips i’ve personally used that personally worked for me. Everybody has different hair so what worked for me may not work for you 🙂 I hope you enjoy this video! If you have any tricks or tips that worked for you PLEASE comment below! I love hearing other opinions 🙂 Love you muffins! XOX Carli

**PS I haven’t had my hair dyed since I had highlights put in a few months back. In October I had another keratin treatment and she put a dark brown glaze over my hair because the Keratin strips your color. I need my roots dyed so next time I dye my hair I will find out what color she uses! XO

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(I am not wearing any in this video)
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