Bald Men Fashion | Fashion For Bald Guys | Style For Bald Guys | Bald Men Style

Bald Men Fashion | Fashion For Bald Guys | Style For Bald Guys | Bald Men Style

Bald Men Fashion | Fashion For Bald Guys | Style For Bald Guys | Bald Men Style
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Fashion for bald guys? I know what you’re thinking. What would I know about bald men fashion? I have a full head of hair (for now!). I’m a personal stylist gentlemen and that means that some of my clients are bald or are on the path to baldness. Having styled hundreds of bald men over the years I am fully qualified to give good advice on this topic.

A lot of my clients feel that it is the end of the world when they accept the fact that they are becoming bald but if you use your baldness to your advantage you can still look #hotshit.

Watch the video and you will realise that there are lots of good looking, stylish bald men who are extremely desirable to most women. Have you ever heard of Vin Diesel or Jason Statham? Ask any girl and she’ll probably giggle at the mention of those names.

You want to have the same style as those bald men? Watch the video and follow the fashion advice that I give on style for bald guys.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Ollie Pearce is a professional model and fashion stylist with over ten years experience in the
self-development industry, during which time he has worked with hundreds of clients,
giving on- and off-line advice on Fashion, Fitness, Social Skills and Confidence.
The term “That Guy” is a concept not an individual, “That Guy” is who we are at our full
potential and “That Guy” is what we push our students towards becoming. He is as
successful as he can be in every area of his life, he has success with women, career and has
good health.
Ollie Pearce offers help in the following areas:
– Men’s personal shopping and fashion consultation
– Dating and relationship advice
– How to meet women
– Online dating advice
– Photoshoots for online dating profiles and social media

– Fitness and nutrition programmes
– Life coaching
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