Beauty Tips #3 – All Natural

Beauty Tips #3 – All Natural

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Thank you for liking and subscribing! I love reading your comments so keep them coming 🙂 If you have any product recommendations for me or video requests just let me know! You know how much of a beauty addict I am and as much as I love products from MAC, Urban Decay, Channel and Dior, I am on an eternal search for drugstore products that will rock my world!

How I got started / My Makeup Story
I started making videos after reading an article on Lollipop26 in Company Magazine. I had no idea there were beauty and makeup gurus on YouTube – I mainly used it to watch music and comedy videos. I started looking for a video on teeth whitening as I was after a hollywood smile and it was then I then found other gurus like Juicystay07, Allthatglitters21 and KandeeJohnson. I was hooked. A few months later I bought my first mac foundation, Studio Fix Fluid, and had an allergic reaction that involved a lot of cystic acne! It was at this stage that I decided to add to the beauty community by recording a video review. I haven’t looked back since. It’s such a fun thing to do. YouTube and my blog are my sanctuary! There are very few people who will listen to my chatter about makeup in my life so I’m glad I found you guys 🙂 For those of you who want to make videos and are afraid to, I say go for it! Thank you for making YouTube such a lovely place! xxx

Disclaimers 🙂
*I was not sponsored/compensated by any of the brands mentioned in this video. All opinions are entirely my own as always.
* I spend a fortune on makeup and beauty products but products are sometimes sent to me for blogging consideration. I treat every product the same – regardless of whether I buy it myself or if it is sent to me. I think integrity and honesty are the most important qualities in a beauty guru. I take reviewing seriously. Products end up in my videos because I like them, regardless of their origin. I would never recommend any product for any other reason other than that I love it and think it works. If I am sent products that aren’t for me, I just don’t feature them – if I don’t like it, then it won’t make it into my makeup bag therefore it won’t be mentioned. The vast majority of products that I dislike are often just not suited to my skin, coloring etc so I explain this in my videos as others may like them. That being said, if I spent a lot of money on something and I found it wasn’t fit for purpose I would say so. The same is true for over-hyped products. If products don’t live up to their name I will tell you. I will always be 100% honest with you, I would accept no less from any guru I watch.
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