Curl Hair with Aloe Vera │ Natural Hair Curling Gel at Home w/ Results │Hair Hack!!

Curl Hair with Aloe Vera │ Natural Hair Curling Gel at Home w/ Results │Hair Hack!!

This changed the way I curl my hair FOREVER! My hair will stay curled ALL day, stay shiny all day and the frizz is gone too! I don’t need any hairspray, mouse, or serums. In this video, I show you how I curl my hair using Aloe Vera! The end results are amazing, your hair ends up looking shiny, healthy, fuller, and softer very time. I’ve also noticed my hair’s overall health change after using this more often. I don’t use any heat protectant because the aloe vera gel acts as the heat protectant between my hair and the straightener. And because it stays on the hair all day, it repairs the damaged hair, restores it back to a healthier state, provides so many beneficial nutrients, and leaves NO oily residue at all. It also lengthens the amount of time that the hair stays curly. By using this more and more, I’ve seen a difference in the texture, the softness, the silkiness, and the health of my hair! This is basically an all natural DIY homemade hair curling and smoothing gel!

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I am not a health professional, I just love using natural based products on my skin and hair. I also love to share all this info that I learn with you all! Always make sure to test a small amount of the oil on your skin to see if you aren’t allergic, and enjoy!

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