curly girl method routine // type 2 wavy hair // affordable

curly girl method routine // type 2 wavy hair // affordable

im so excited 4 this vid omg

here’s my fav CGM youtuber (she’s amazing n super helpful):

heres all the products i used & mentioned in this vid:

as i am co-wash:
mielle co wash:
acure cleanser:
deva curl cleanser:
shea moisture cleanser:
acure conditioner:
deva curl conditioner:
shea moisture conditioner:
deva curl wave maker:
mop top curly hair custard:
deva curl leave in:
lavish curls moisturizer:
as i am leave in:
goddess curls gel:
LA looks extreme hold 10 gel: (this is the 3 pack but i just wanted to show u guys a pic of the same packaging mine is in- i recommend u guys go to walmart and get it there cause its super cheap :))
deva curl mask:
as i am deep conditioner (i called it a mask lol oops):
shea moisture mask:

UPDATE** holy shit i spent so much time & effort editing and researching for this video & yet the hate is rolling in lol. doing the curly girl method has made me love myself so much more and actually respect the way my natural body was created. it represents a lot for me even though it may seem minuscule. i’ve been deleting comments left n right from WOMEN who are yelling at me for “trying to be cute.” im sorry becky did u want me to roll out of bed with crust in my eyes and not even TRY to act like i give a fuck about this? i was super nervous to film this bc so many wavy girls get shitted on youtube for following the cgm since our hair isnt “curly” and on top of that i gotta deal with people wanting me to stop “trying” to look presentable? omg. lol. the delusion. thank you for everyone being supportive, this video was for YOU wavy/curly girls, not for me. i just want us all to accept and embrace our hair. if i came on here crusty or with a full beat face, the miserable people would still have something to say regardless. so imma leave it at that lol. love you.

OH and as for the blow dryer i honestly don’t recommend the one i have cause its more suitable for intense heat styling & i just wanna get use out of it instead of throwing it out, u know what i mean?? hehe i recommend a different type with a much bigger diffuser!! on the look out for a good one so ill let you guys know if i find one that works for me 🙂

i hope this was helpful!! let me know if u have any questions n ill try to explain 🙂

~~also wanna quickly mention that this video is not meant to imply that the CGM is the “healthiest” or “only healthy way” to take care of your curls/waves. i’ve seen many curly and wavy girls maintain their hair without restricting sulfates, silicones, etc. this is just the method that got me started and taught me how to embrace my natural hair. whatever makes you feel the best and most confident is the routine you are entitled to follow. i hope to find more eco-friendly hair brands in the future that support sustainability and hair health. ~~

fwm on instagram cuz its the only app i like:


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