CURLY HAIR CARE: How to Prepare for a Devacut & Highlights | HiF3licia

CURLY HAIR CARE: How to Prepare for a Devacut & Highlights | HiF3licia

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Thanks again Maja @ Euphoria Color & Hair salon!!

I know its not perfect but i really wanted to get this video up for you guys so you could see exactly what goes down when I get my hair cut! I always show up with my day 1 or 2 curls and use less product than usual when i style before my cut! I always love my results but I actually prefer it more about a month later because the curls are even more defined and I have more volume! OLAPLEX is very important if you dont want to fry your curls with bleach! Talk to your stylist and make sure they use it! ** im not a professional anything in my posts and videos is my personal opinion!**

After this video I realized my hair was a little more square shaped than i liked so i went back for a touch up. I ended up having to lose way more length to get the round shape back i prefer! Also the old brand (PRAVANA) of bleach caused me little to no damage but after a few washes my highlights have been getting frizzy & I see damage this time using the new brand. So Ill be doing videos to show what ive been doing/will be doing to get my hair back to normal. Starting with NO MORE BLEACH! My curl type just does better 100% natural.

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whats Olaplex?

Trionics Clay Lightener

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Devacurl Bleave in & Supercream

Lavender Oil

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