Doing Iggy Azalea’s Makeup | Makeup Tips for Women | New Makeup Tutorial

Doing Iggy Azalea’s Makeup | Makeup Tips for Women | New Makeup Tutorial

Makeup Tips for Women
What the hell have I gotten myself into? Those were the words which went through my head when I sat down with specialist make-up artist, Ariane Poole, to record a run make-up for older women video tutorials. Sitting there, with absolutely no make-up on, I felt strangely vulnerable. Not only is Ariane a fantastic make-up artist, but, she’s also a warm and charismatic person. We ended up with SO much fun filming together! – From the end of 2 days, we’d recorded a comprehensive series of make-up tutorials, designed particularly for females over 60. Since not everyone had a chance to watch them I wanted to provide you a few of her best hints, in article form.

Evidently, nothing beats seeing the processes shown, but, I hope that the following suggestions will assist you to find the most from your make-up so you could feel and look your best. Remember, its not about antiaging. Its about looking, and even more significant, feeling your best at all ages! – Meet Professional Makeup Artist, Ariane Poole – Ariane Poole is just a star make-up artist. She’s worked with ladies of all ages, helping them to find make-up and utilize clever methods to look and feel their best. She’s passionately focused on positive aging, not antiaging. Her belief is that contemporary make-up formulas could be used to highlight your very best features and handle any little areas which you feel need a little improving! – Listed below are Arianes Top 14 Beauty Tips for Older Women – Ariane has developed these easy methods during her years of expertise and says they’re ideal for us, mature ladies.

Use Primer – Primer evens out the skin and holds lighter weight foundations in place. Consider just a tinted primer which gives the advantages of primer, moisturizer and foundation all in one. Use Lighter Weight Foundation – Dont utilize heavy cream foundations or powders which create an unnatural mask. This way you can put it exactly where you need it and you will use less. This allows the light to reflect back up to hide the dark circle. Look straight ahead into a mirror. Now tilts the chin down and look into the mirror. This may emphasize the dark circle and help to apply concealer at the proper place. Go Darker with Concealer – When attempting to eliminate age spots, apply just a slightly darker shade of concealer than you think you need. Keep in mind which putting light concealer on just a dark spot does not work and will make it look ashy. Mix Concealer Shades to Cover Pigmentation – Once you’ve applied your favored foundation, mix a combination of shades out of the Concealer Palette to match your natural skin tone.

HI SISTERS! In today’s video, I had the opportunity to work with female rapper Iggy Azalea on her brand new cover shoot, Sally Walker. We talk about makeup, music, rap drama, haters, and a whole lot more. Enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe!!


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