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Amongst the shops assembled was a big prefabricated wood fort, 3000 paces long, with walls 20 ft (6m) high. The English responded by raising forces of men-at-arms and archers, who have been stationed on the coast from the Humber to Cornwall. Originally aspiring to assault in August, Charles put again the date to October, and early within the month joined his fleet in Flanders.

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Its position gives Denmark complete management of the Danish Straits (Skagerrak and Kattegat) linking the Baltic and North Seas. The nation’s pure assets embrace petroleum, natural gasoline, fish, salt, limestone, chalk, stone, gravel and sand. A circle enclosing the identical whole area as Denmark would have a diameter of 234 km (146 miles). Denmark has 443 named islands (1,419 islands above 100 m²), of which 72 are inhabited (as of 1 January 2007[replace], Statistics Denmark).


The government sector having a good amount of economic assets in addition to liabilities, government gross debt amounted to 36.1% of GDP at the similar date. The gross EMU-debt as proportion of GDP was the sixth-lowest amongst all 28 EU member countries, only Estonia, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Romania having a decrease gross debt. During the 20th century agriculture slowly dwindled in importance relative to industry, but agricultural employment was only in the course of the Nineteen Fifties surpassed by industrial employment. The first half of the century was marked by the 2 world wars and the Great Depression during the Nineteen Thirties. After World War II Denmark took half in the increasingly close worldwide cooperation, becoming a member of OEEC/OECD, IMF, GATT/WTO, and from 1972 the European Economic Community, later European Union.

Around 500 AD, many of the Gods of the Norse pantheon had lost their previous significance, besides a few similar to Thor, Odin and Frey who had been increasingly worshipped. During the 10th century of the late Viking Age, the Danes officially adopted Christianity, as evidenced by several rune stones, documents and church buildings. The new Christian influences also present of their art, jewellery and burial practices of the late Viking Age, but the transition was not rapid and definitive and older customs from the Norse religion, remained to be practised to numerous degrees. The Old English poems Widsith and Beowulf, as well as works by later Scandinavian writers (notably by Saxo Grammaticus (c. 1200)), provide some of the authentic written references to the Danes.

Free trade combined with collective threat sharing (social programmes and labour market establishments) which has offered a type of protection in opposition to the risks associated with economic openness. Social welfare reforms emerged from the Kanslergade Agreement of 1933 as part of a compromise package to save the Danish financial system. Norway’s “grand compromise” emerged as a response to the disaster of the early Nineteen Thirties between the commerce union confederation and Norwegian Employers’ Association, agreeing on nationwide requirements in labor-capital relations and creating the muse for social harmony throughout the compromises’ interval. For a interval between the Nineteen Eighties and the Nineteen Nineties, Norway underwent more neoliberal reforms and marketization than Sweden throughout the identical timeframe, with the normal foundations for supporting the “social democratic compromise” being particular to Western capitalism between 1945 and 1973.

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The Skaevinge Municipality arrange an Integrated Home Care project in 1984 which was evaluated by the Danish Institute of Health Care in 1997. Health care was made obtainable to all citizens each in establishments and in their own properties and prevention and help to keep up and strengthen their health and quality of life have been prioritised. They have been involved in determination-making and the staff, working in small teams got more autonomy.

The assault failed and the French drive fell again into Scotland harried by English forces. De Vienne returned to Edinburgh hoping to over winter however morale amongst his army was failing and lots of determined to return home to France, regardless of the lateness of the season. Edgar Ætheling, the last remaining male member of the English royal household, fled to Scotland, in 1068, seeking protection from their king, Malcolm III of Scotland. Edgar sought Malcolm’s assistance in his struggle against William.Malcolm married the Ætheling’s sister, Margaret, in 1071.

Transnational mothering is viewed as an accommodation for both lessons. Confusion between “intercourse” and “gender” still persists amongst producers and customers of statistics (United Nations, 2001a, 2002; Corner, 2003; UNECE, and World Bank Institute, 2010). Biological differences meet danish women are fastened and unchangeable and do not vary throughout cultures or over time.

In 1524, Hans Mikkelsen and Christiern Pedersen translated the New Testament into Danish; it became an immediate greatest-vendor. Those who had traveled to Wittenberg in Saxony and come beneath the affect of the teachings of Luther and his associates included Hans Tausen, a Danish monk in the Order of St John Hospitallers. In 1523, Sweden received its independence, resulting in the dismantling of the Kalmar Union and the establishment of Denmark-Norway. Denmark-Norway grew wealthy in the course of the 16th century, largely due to the increased site visitors through the Øresund. The Crown of Denmark might tax the site visitors, as a result of it managed each side of the Sound on the time.

For the type of prostitution law, see Nordic model approach to prostitution. There are roughly 1,500,000 Americans of Danish origin or descent. Most Danish-Americans reside in the Western United States or the Midwestern United States.

The nation legalised same-sex marriage in 2012, and same-sex companions are handled the identical as reverse-intercourse partners earlier than the regulation. Several government ministers in same-sex relationships deliver their partners to public galas and introduce them to Queen Margrethe II.

According to Norse Sagas, in 865 the legendary Viking chief Ragnar Lodbrok fell into the palms of King Ælla of Northumbria. It is claimed that Ragnar’s enraged sons, taking advantage of political instability in England, recruited the Great Heathen Army, which landed within the Kingdom of East Anglia that yr. There is not any proof that this legend has any foundation in historical past; however, it is recognized that several of the Viking leaders grouped their bands together to kind one great army that landed within the kingdom of East Anglia to start their tried conquest of England in 866.

In May 1336 an English army underneath Henry of Lancaster invaded, adopted in July by another army beneath King Edward. Together, they ravaged much of the north-east and sacked Elgin and Aberdeen, whereas a 3rd military ravaged the south-west and the Clyde valley. Philip VI of France introduced that he intended to help the Scots by invading England, prompting Edward’s retreat.

The Nordic international locations have been on the forefront of championing gender equality and this has been historically shown by substantial will increase in women’s employment. Between 1965 and 1990, Sweden’s employment fee for women in working-age (15–sixty four) went from fifty two.8% to In 2016, almost three out of each four women in working-age in the Nordic countries have been taking part in paid work.

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