Fashion Style and Tips || Plus Size Model summer 2018

Fashion Style and Tips || Plus Size Model summer 2018

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Model Name: Kendra ( Kissed By Ken )
Latest Fashion Style- New Outfit Ideas for this Summer
Hello and welcome to our YOUTUBE Channel CST. Truth be told, finding a cool plus size outfit is not easy. This can largely be attributed to the fact that the fashion industry has completely turned a cold shoulder on women beyond size 14.

Because of this lack of representation, shopping for clothes has become a stressful experience for the plus size woman. No need to worry. We are here to make things much easier for you. Everything you have been praying is just about to come true.

The styles you’ve grown to covet, the colors and prints you never thought you’d find in your size may just be a dream away. We are determined to make your dreams come true right here!

Here are some of our very best plus size outfit ideas.

Welcome and we sincerely hope you like our plus size outfit ideas. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and to share so as to empower your fellow plus size women.



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