FEMALE BODY HAIR + CARE | Bus Life Hygiene Tips

FEMALE BODY HAIR + CARE | Bus Life Hygiene Tips

I (Zaynah) have been wanting to make a female hygiene video for quite awhile now but haven’t gotten around too it. While I’m not digging into female hygiene living in a school bus to the full extent here, I hope this helps encourage a lot of you out there to not give an F about sticking to the ‘normal’ female stereotypes. You are BEAUTIFUL as is. The simplicity in this lifestyle can help free you from sooo many expectations of what it means to be a woman — anyway, thanks for watching another one guys!


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— Some tid bits about us —
We are Chad & Zaynah, and we have been living in our self-converted short school bus for nearly a year — it’s been the most incredible adventure we’ve ever embarked upon as both individuals, and as a couple. At the beginning of 2017 we met at a restaurant in Boulder, CO, and bonded over our mutual desire for tiny living. The tiny house movement brought us to consider purchasing an old school bus and converting it because we didn’t have $30K & up to do a traditional tiny house. While we were still friends, Chad purchased a step van because he felt it was more stealthy and would be easier to park anywhere. Within weeks, Zaynah bought a short school bus, because she had two cats and wanted a bit more space for them to feel comfortable. Our friend Skylar let us park both of our conversions outside her house and get to demolition/construction. We shared tools, stories & struggles while building our conversions side by side. It only took a couple of weeks and our bond grew. We were in love and engaged within a month of dating. We sold Chad’s van and moved into our school bus conversion for more space — we haven’t looked back since.

Bus life has been the most rewarding experience we’ve ever experienced. It forced us to minimize, to downsize, and to evaluate what really mattered to us. It gave us our time back. It allowed us to pursue our dream life, because we no longer had to continue being slaves to an industry that did not fulfill us just because it paid the bills. Since August of ’17 we’ve travelled across our home state of Colorado, all the way up and down the west coast. We don’t travel full-time but we do travel quite often. We just finished up our wedding at home and will be heading out for our next big adventure through the midwest and towards the east coast very soon. Thanks for being here & thanks for getting to know us a bit better 🙂

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