Feminine BEAUTY Tips

Feminine BEAUTY Tips

This video explores the topic of feminine beauty routines and habits. It is a foundational video linking femininity and outer beauty, and how you can use both in symbiosis. I provide you with some of my personal favorite products.

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Lip liner (132 – almond rose):
Lipstick (755 spiced cider):
Eyeshadow palette:
Body wash (I prefer the lavender and rose scents, but they are all nice):

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I strive to inspire women to be better homemakers, to thrive in their femininity with grace and class, and pursue excellence as a high-value woman. On this channel, we discuss…


ABOUT ME: I am a 20-something woman living in Canada with my husband and our 3 (yes, three) dogs. Some of you may know me as a former Miss Earth Canada. I have a passion for homemaking, feminine life and style, and nature. When I’m not blogging (and now, making these videos), you can find me outside or shopping for home decor (LOL). I’d love to be your friend, so don’t forget to subscribe! 🙂

CREDENTIALS: Femininity – I have competed at some of the world’s largest pageants, and was trained by the best in my country. I have modelled for brands such as L’Oreal. I have training in International Etiquette, runway, acting, classical singing, and femininity (particularly, personality refinement). I have been homemaking for over 3 years.

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