Feminising and Masculinising Makeup Tips.

Feminising and Masculinising Makeup Tips.

Hi, I say it at the beginning, the end and throughout but please note this is not telling trans people how to look. I was requested a video on feminising techniques and a couple of AFAB folk asked for a masculinising video so I combined them.

Please note the upload schedule is a bit all over the place atm but I am trying to get back to the Wednesday / Friday format. This is a *Ahem* “Wednesday Essential series.” video.

I’m Lisa. I’m a 43 year old Trans Woman from the UK and on this channel we believe make up should be for ALL ages and ALL genders.
If you are remotely transphobic, racist, homophobic, ablist, think make up is for girls or that we need to tone things down after 30 then take your clicker and point it somewhere else. This is a HATE FREE ZONE! Thankyou!

Every Wednesday I upload the Essentials series. This is a bit like those million piece magazine collections you used to get that came with a binder on week 3 and a poster on week 7 or whatever except this is FREE. It will build into a full guide to everything to do with Make Up.

Fridays are a Free For All… so some weeks it might be a Full Face Of, where I use one brand to do a full face. It could also be a hot new palette review, a funky look, a brand test, a challenge or something else. I will always try to include a look you can follow even if I’m doing mine in a car, on the motorway, at night, in winter!

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