FULL FACE Using the WORST JAMES CHARLES Makeup Tips *goodbye*

FULL FACE Using the WORST JAMES CHARLES Makeup Tips *goodbye*

I can’t believe this happened but it was time for James Charles to join the list. A bit ago I tried a full face of Glam & Gore makeup tutorials, so here’s a full face using James Charles all time worst makeup tutorials combined into one look on my face. With all the drama between James Charles, Tati, and Jeffree Star, and all the receipts, drama, and speculation, sometimes it’s good to remember to have a laugh. What are your thoughts on the James Charles situation?

I filmed the majority of this video before all the drama really spilled, and since I’m out of the country and have to keep my schedule, after holding off on uploading, now that things have settled, I’m happy to include this in my ongoing series of influencers.

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