Glossy Hair – How to Make Hair Shiny & Silky Naturally (Men & Women) | Superwowstyle Healthy Hair

Glossy Hair – How to Make Hair Shiny & Silky Naturally (Men & Women) | Superwowstyle Healthy Hair

Golden Secrets for super glossy hair – by superwowstyle!

Learn How to Make Hair Shiny & Silky Naturally (for Men & Women).

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Indian Hair Care Secrets:


Do this about 3-4 times a week.

You will start seeing a difference in about a week if you follow all the steps!.

Products used here & found on amazon:

1. Honey –
2. Tea leaves
3. Yogurt (curd or dahi in hindi)
4. Glycerine (only extra dry hair) –
5. Aloe vera Gel:

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Also keep in hand:

1. Old or very dark colored cloth
2. Hot water

The method used here is actually very simple! It barely takes any time at all, and the best thing is that it is all natural. the products you are to use are easy to find in any kitchen (pretty much in all parts of the world), and the aloe vera – well you can get them in gardens so easily these days!

This is a very basic Indian hair care and hair growth secret that i learnt from my own ancestors.These healthy tips for hair work way better than those expensive hair spa and hair oiling treatment and leaves your hair beautiful and awesome!


As always, I will suggest you take some pictures before and after to see the difference even more wonderfully, and then do not forget to let me know in the comment section below 🙂

You will start seeings a HUGE difference in just 3-4 tries. I can absolutely guarantee you that this method will work better than your expensive salon hair spas too!


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If you have any questions about the method used here or the ingredients I have put, then, please share them in the comment section below.

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** All products purchased by my own money. This video was not sponsored, there is no endorsement here (paid or otherwise). I have only made this video to enlighten my viewers and not sell any brand.


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