Hair Care Tips for Long Hair: 5 Essential Hair Care Tips for Women

Hair Care Tips for Long Hair: 5 Essential Hair Care Tips for Women

This video talks about hair care tips for long hair that women can start practising if they want to grow longer and thicker hair. Your hair is your crown. The condition of your hair speaks volume of your beauty.

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These 5 essential hair tips for long hair will help you get a shiny, silky, long, and healthy hair, you can personally make that dream come true. These hair care tips are super effective and give fast results. They will help you keep and maintain a strong and healthy hair.

1. Shampoo

You can start your hair care by cleansing your hair with shampoo when absolutely necessary. The shampoo will remove dirt from your scalp and hair and make it clean and healthy.

Since there are different shampoo types, endeavor to know the right shampoo for your hair type.

Don’t shampoo your hair too frequently as that may be counterproductive on the hair.

Do this just once in a week.

2. Reduce your dependence on blow dryer

While you may feel comfortable with blow dryers, excessive dependence on the hot dryer can also damage your hair.

To reduce the amount of heat you expose your hair to while drying, it is advisable that you opt for air-dry as often as you can.

So, reduce your dependence on blow dryers, curling irons, and other hairstyle tools that may expose your hair to excessive and damaging heat.

3. Avoid hot water

If you are fond of hot water showers, you may be damaging your hair more than you can ever realize.
Hot water will remove your hair’s natural oil and make it dry and brittle.

Rather than damage your hair with hot water showers, warm water showers are better alternatives that will keep your hair in good condition.

4. Avoid washing your hair frequently

Washing your hair has some advantages. It ensures that your hair is always clean, a necessity for healthy follicles.
However, you shouldn’t wash the hair too often as that may have a devastating effect on the hair.

Limit your hair washing to about 2-3 days. This will ensure that you maintain your hair’s natural oil as well as help the hair to regain its natural luster and charm.

5. Don’t brush wet hair

Most women are fond of brushing their hair when wet. They believe that brushing wet hair is easier and helps untangle knots in hair better than when the hair is dry.

While this may be true, it also exposes the hair to hair damage as well. When your hair is wet, it is three times weaker than dry hair and is prone to hair breakage.

If you must brush your hair after washing it, you are advised to towel dry it first and brush with a wide-tooth comb. Practise these hair care tips for long hair regularly and watch your hair glow and shine.

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