Hair Loss After Hair Extensions/Braids/Weaves The Bald Truth Traction Alopecia I grew My Hair Back

Hair Loss After Hair Extensions/Braids/Weaves The Bald Truth Traction Alopecia I grew My Hair Back

This video is about Me! Sandy and How I Grew My Hair Back Using Red’s Kitchen Sink’s Beaucoup Hair Herbal System Lite. The BAld Truth about Hair Loss From Extensions/ Weaves/ Braids.
We traveled to the Bahamas and I got Braids/extensions that were way too tight! My edges fell out and I tried so many different products. This is the only one that worked! My edges grew back! I’m in love with Red’s Kitchen Sink now!

See one client’s How to Naturally Block DHT!! Introducing New Red’s Kitchen Sink Hair Products for all races! Straight hair, fine hair, curly hair, kinky hair!

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