Hair Loss in Women| Hair loss treatment | Hair Loss Tips

Hair Loss in Women| Hair loss treatment | Hair Loss Tips

Hair Loss and hair thinning in women is a big concern. Hair loss treatment, hair loss tips and solutions from Top Dermatologist Geetika Mittal | Issac. What are the reasons for hair fall in women and how to stop hair thinning?

One of the biggest problems with aging is hair loss, according to a survey by Momspresso, 64% of mothers are worried about hair loss. Female hair loss can be scary. There can be n number of reason for losing hair. If you are losing a significant amount of hair look into Scalp, Hormonal and Nutritional ssues. Also get your blood tests done to rule out any underlying conditions.

There are a few options for stopping hair thinning in women, however it’s important to consult your physician to make sure there are no underlying medical conditions.

Some Reasons for Hair Loss

– There can some nutritional and supplements issue that you can check with the blood test to make sure that the vitamins levels are OK.

– Hypothyroidism is a major cause of hair loss for that you must take your thyroid medication on time.

– Also check your B12, D6 Vitamins, Hemoglobin and Iron Levels that is also a major reason for hair loss in women.

Post these all investigation you should take supplements for hair loss treatment if needed.

Stay away from chemical hair treatments that can be the cause of Hair Loss. Smoothing hair treatments are not good for hair health.

Go for deep conditions treatment before hair color, because hair should be stronger for color treatment.

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Dr. Geetika: 5 Steps for Healthy Hair

1. Eating Healthy
2. Have Healthy Fats
3. Green Juice with Beets
4. Supplements only after the blood test
5. Got to the Dermatologist before it is too late

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