Hair Loss in Women | Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Hair Loss in Women | Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Hair today, gone tomorrow? As humans, we don’t realize the value of something until we lose it. We also don’t capitalize on available opportunities and instead try to look for makeshift solutions. The same goes for our crowning glory, our hair.
Women suffer from hair thinning, hair loss, etc. and start looking for temporary solutions like using hairpins, tying a scarf to cover the portion of head with lost hair, pulling all the hair behind, etc. If there are better solutions available then why not try them?
Let homeopathy come to your rescue as it offers various hair fall solutions. Hair fall can occur due to a lot of reasons like trying different hairstyles like buns, braiding, tight ponytails, etc. It can also be caused due to extreme stress, medications, or other health conditions.
There are several ways you can combat this condition, one of them being changing dietary habits. Healthy eating habits can do wonders for creating thicker and fuller hair. However, with the help of Homeopathy, you can get to the root cause and tackle the problem, naturally. For more hair growth tips, watch #GoodHealthandHomeopathy with Dr. Mukesh Batra for all things hair loss.
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