Herbal Hair Oil – Part 2 | Beauty tips | Gowri Samayalarai

Herbal Hair Oil – Part 2 | Beauty tips | Gowri Samayalarai

Home Made Herbal Hair Oil.This is a upgraded video that clears doubts asked by my viewers.


Henna leaves,curry leaves-each a small cup,small onions- 15, amla- 5,methi seeds-4 tea spoons, omam- 4 tea spoons, cloves-4, hibiscus- 5 to 10.coconut oil -1 litre.

If you don”t get henna leaf ,you can use henna powder ,tie it in a cloth as shown.
Soak methi seeds for 5 hours. Grind henna, curry leaves, amla, onions, methi seeds along with soaked water. Do not add more water.Heat 1/2 litre coconut oil in an iron kadai. Add grinded paste. Mix well & let it be in medium flame for 8-10 mins, until the bubbles disappear. Add hibiscus flower & the henna powder tied up in the cloth. After 2 mins switch off the stove. Once it cools down after an hour, close it with a lid and keep aside for 8 hours. Heat 1/2 litre coconut oil, let it cool down. Filter the herbal oil into the coconut oil , as shown. Mix well & store it in a container. It can be stored outside for 6-8 months.

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