Holi Skin And Hair Care Tips & Tricks | 12 Effective Pre And Post Skin And Hair Care Beauty Hacks

Holi Skin And Hair Care Tips & Tricks | 12 Effective Pre And Post Skin And Hair Care Beauty Hacks

Holi Hai!! few tips before and after playing Holi can save your skin and hair from unnecessary abuse.Yes I know you all are pepped up for Holi with your outfit, hairstyle and accessories intact and why not Holi is the festival to let your hair down and enjoy. Play Holi and spread the colors of happiness all around.
I had enjoyed playing Holi the most last year but my happiness turned into a misery the very next day! I got a sudden breakout on my face and rashes on skin. That was when I learnt about the side effects of playing Holi, the powder and how by being a little cautious I could have avoided all this melancholy. To cut the story short, I want my beloved vewers to stay safe and take care so here are some very useful tips to follow.
The colors that are used during Holi contain harsh chemicals which can easily lead to skin allergies, breakouts and damaged hair. So a pre-Holi skin and hair care regimen is the call of the hour.
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