How To Apply Gel Eyeliner | DIY Eyeliner Tutorial For Beginners

How To Apply Gel Eyeliner | DIY Eyeliner Tutorial For Beginners

Gel Eyeliners are also called cream eyeliners. They are popularly used by many people worldwide, especially by makeup artists. Eyeliner gel is in a gel form. It comes with an angled brush, a fine tipped brush or pencil eyeliner. These eyeliner gels come in several shades like gray, plum, white, navy, brown and of course the very popular color, which is black.

They are sweat and waterproof. They are long lasting too. They permit you to draw fine lines and straight lines, as they are convenient to use. These eyeliners are creamy and therefore smudging is easy. They are perfect for those who want their eyes to look dusky.

Always make sure to use the best gel eyeliners which are available in the market. This is because they ensure safety and to do not produce any harmful side effects. Mac eye care Fluid Line and Revlon Color stay Crème Gel Eyeliner are a couple of really famous gel eyeliners.

To apply gel eyeliner, we will need a Gel Eyeliner, a mirror, eyeliner brushes or applicators and tissue paper. To begin with, you must apply the other make up first, like concealer, foundation and eye shadow, before you use the gel eyeliner. Next you will have to apply the gel eyeliner onto the eyeliner brush. This can be done by holding the brush just like you would hold a pencil. Then dip the brush into the gel and be sure that the gel covers all the sides of the brush. Use a tissue paper to remove the extra gel. This will avoid smearing during the application. Before applying the gel eyeliner, bend your head a little back so that you can clearly see the base of your eyelashes. Then stroke the tip of the brush across the upper eyelashes line towards the outer corners of the eye. Do not blink until the gel is completely dry. Once this is done, repeat the same method with your lower lashes.

Try out these steps and transform your look completely! All the best!

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