How to Deal with Long Fine Hair | Long Hairstyles

How to Deal with Long Fine Hair | Long Hairstyles

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Long hair with fine hair. I think if you have fine hair, it shouldn’t be too long, because the longer it gets, the finer it gets at the end. Eventually, you’ll get to the end with one piece of hair. I think that’s when you realize it’s time to cut. As you can tell, your hair hasn’t been cut for a while. Now I would think, to give it a little more blunt cut at the bottom and add in some long layers for volume. But I mean long layers. If you have fine hair, you shouldn’t have short layers.

You can do all the framing around the face and have long layers, and then bring it up a little more blunt at the bottom. That will work the best on fine hair. Don’t think you should have long hair if you have fine hair. It will not work or look good, and it will be very hard to style.

With long, fine hair, you should actually get it trimmed a little bit more often, maybe four to five weeks, so you always keep it healthy and looking nice, because long, fine hair will get damaged very quickly, especially by using the blow dryers and all that stuff. It really gets dry and damaged.

Also, if you have really fine hair, you should use a volumizer into your hair and also use good care of your hair. I always say that your hair grows from inside out. Whatever you put in your body is going to come out through your hair. If you’re healthy, your hair will look healthier. It’s a way of getting your fine hair a little stronger. But you shouldn’t have long hair.

That’s the whole thing to that.


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