HOW TO DRESS BETTER *life changing*

HOW TO DRESS BETTER *life changing*

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Wear Everywhere Bra Shown in 4 shades
Full Coverage Option:
Seen on Mannequin:
Nude Undergarments for Every Skin Tone Pale to Deep
Lace Thong
Option 2 (longer lasting, double quality):
Strapless Bra
Plunge Bra My Special Event Undergarmets
Nipple Covers
Breast Cutlets with reusable adhesive
Backless and Cleavage Plunge Bra with Support Neutral Anklet Socks
Sexy Lace Option

Sheer Nude Polish

Alexandras Jewelry:

Time Stamps

 1:07 – The World of #WOMANLY – Introducing Video 1 – How to Dress Better 

2:11 – CHAPTER 1 – Back to Basics

2:40 – Self Awareness Exercise – what prevents me from looking my best?

3:41 – Eliminate Decision Fatigue 

4:25 – Simplify our Choices / To Create Signature Style 

5:20 – The Lace Thong 

5:45 – Sock Drawer: Ankle Socks For the Win

6:20 – Three Bras Every Woman Needs 

6:37 – Defining “Purchase Priorities” 

7:26 – Bra Matches for Your Skin Tone 

7:46 – Advanced Move: Lingerie 

8:17 – Versatile Jewelry 

8:57 – Nails: Define Your Go-To Style 

12:15 – No More Makeup On Your Shirt 

13:10 – CHAPTER 2 – Best Buying Process 

13:50 – “Hyper Pieces” that could ruin your wardrobe (3 types) 

17:48 – The New Buying Process 

18:50 – The Real Real – Designer Consignment Done Right 

20:53 – Pre-Plan Outfits

22:09 – CHAPTER 3 – Color Theory 

22:44 – Determine Your Tone: Warm or Cool? 

24:36 – Texture, Light, and Colour

26:11 – Color Basics: Eye, Hair, Skin

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