How to Dress if You Are a Petite or a Short Woman

How to Dress if You Are a Petite or a Short Woman

These guidelines will help you create an illusion of being taller while still looking good in your outfit!

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Stick to High-Waist

High-waist bottoms can give the illusion of an elongated body – making you look taller. It doesn’t matter if you choose jeans, shorts, or skirts. As long you tuck in your blouse or wear a cropped top, your waist will be emphasised, creating a taller figure.

Always Cuff Long Sleeves

Long-sleeves aren’t the most flattering for petite girls. They can make you look like you’re drowning in cloth, and you’ll end up appearing even smaller. Cuff the sleeves and tuck them in. This will show off some skin whilst highlighting your shape instead of your height.

Choose Vertical Stripes

Wearing clothes with vertical stripes to make you look tall is probably the longest-known trick to man. It is no secret that these long lines that draw the eyes up and down, making your body look longer.

Avoid Thick Belts

Just like high-waisted bottoms, skinny belts also define your natural waist, therefore elongating your figure. Make sure to avoid thick belts as they tend to make you look shorter, and they can overpower your entire outfit.

Wear v-Necks

Tops that have plunging “V” necklines are another staple in every petite girl’s wardrobe. This is because a “V-neck” opens up the chest and elongates the neck, which therefore gives the illusion of a longer torso.

Stick to a Monochromatic Look or Keep Tones Similar

Make sure to stick to one colour family from head to toe, so you’ll appear taller. The reason behind this is because using colour is one of the most effective techniques to create an illusion of height.

You Can Never Go Wrong With All Black

By wearing only one colour from head to toe, you won’t be breaking your body in proportions. As a result, you’ll look taller than ever.

Maxis Aren’t Petite-Friendly

Instead of hiding your legs under a maxi skirt, flaunt them while wearing a mini skirt and a cute top!

Take Your Wide-Leg Trousers to the Floor

While maxi skirts should be avoided, high-waisted wide-leg trousers are widely acceptable for petite women.

In addition, this trick can also cover the 5-inch heels you’re wearing beneath your trousers.

Wear Pointy Pairs

Petite gals can opt for a pair of shows with pointed toes. This type of shoe will add length to your leg line, and you know what that means.

Keep Your Bag Small

Aside from your outfit, accessories can also affect the illusion of height. That’s why you have to keep your accessories proportioned to your body. For petite girls, that means you should pick small accessories, including your bag.

Well, in Short We Have These Style Tips for You, as a Short or Petite Person:

Stick to high-waist, always cuff long sleeves, choose vertical stripes, avoid thick belts, wear v-necks, stick to a monochromatic look or keep tones similar, go with all black, don’t go with maxis, take your wide-leg trousers to the floor, small heels also work, wear pointy pairs, keep your bag small.

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