How to DRESS in WINTER Season | Winter Fashion tips in Malayalam

How to DRESS in WINTER Season | Winter Fashion tips in Malayalam

Outfit No.1
Turtle Neck T-shirt -)
Chinos -)
White Sneaker -)

Outfit No.2
Olive green bomber jacket -)
Black Lather Jacket -)
Navy Blue Jacket -)
Grey Jacket -)
Brown Jacket -)
Black Distressed Jeans -)
Light Wash Distressed Jeans -)
White T-shirt -)
Light Blue Denim Jacket -)

Outfit No.3
Green Hoodie -)
Black Hoodie –)

Outfit No.4
Ooty look sweater -)
White Shirt -)
Leather Bag -)

Outfit No.5
Green Sweater -)

Outfit No.6
Blue Formal Shirt -)
Black T-shirt -)
Black Formal Pant -)
Black Formal Shoe -)
Black Belt -)
Black Formal Watch -)

Outfit No.7
Gym Jacket -)
Gym pant -)
Sports Shoe -)
Dark Wash Jeans -)
Brown Boot -)

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