How To Eliminate Swamp Ass and Foul Balls | Men’s Grooming Tips

How To Eliminate Swamp Ass and Foul Balls | Men’s Grooming Tips

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In this video men’s style, grooming and fitness expert, Aaron Marino of discusses another hard hitting issue that faces men… Swamp Ass aka sweaty butt crack! Swamp ass is not the most pleasant feeling and having a wet stripe of swampy perspiration on your pants isn’t a great look. The good news is that Swamp Ass is easily treated with a little powder.

No matter how big or small of a question or if you have a burning inquiry, send an email to with ‘GROOMING’ as the subject. In this video, Aaron Marino of alpha m. has two incredible questions:

Question #1- How do you treat swamp ass? It’s when your butt crack becomes very sweaty due to being hot outside or if you have a big ass with excessive butt cheek friction. Your pants get a stripe of wetness. Using a ‘big boy powder’ is the answer. Grooming Lounge Super Powder smells the best and keeps Alpha the driest the longest. Alpha talks about how to apply. The talc reduces friction, absorbs wetness, and prevents odor.

Question #2- How do I stop my balls from smelling? Where your testicles touch your leg is hot, dark, and wet. It’s the trifecta for bacteria. Dry balls are fresh balls. So, the same principle applies as for Question #1. With Grooming Lounge Super Powder you are dry and fresh with great smelling balls all day long.


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