How to Flat Iron Hair Tracks for Weave | Black Hairstyles

How to Flat Iron Hair Tracks for Weave | Black Hairstyles

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Now, we’re gonna flat iron the track in order to blend in with the hair
style she already has going on today. First, I’m gonna use a little Elma
Barr Textures firmest. Right here, firmest. It’s a heat protector and it
helps to get the tracks smoother quicker. We’re gonna flat iron it slowly
so that it gets straight and it falls right in on the first time. See, I
don’t have to keep going over it to make it straight. The Thermis helps

What you hear is the product being dried on the hair. Let it sit a little
on the ends and then, let it dry. Since she already had her hair curled,
it’s easier to just blend the track in. See how light it is? The Thermis
keeps it very, very light. Doesn’t put an oil or heavy residue on the hair.
Now, we’re gonna let her hair down. And now, you can see, it just adds a
little fullness, but no one has to know you have anything in your hair.
That’s how you apply a track and blend it.


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