[How To] Long Relaxed Wavy Curls With a More Natural Thick Look (for curly haired MEN)

[How To] Long Relaxed Wavy Curls With a More Natural Thick Look (for curly haired MEN)

Chronamuts Haircare for men: relaxed wavy hair

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So I got tired of seeing only womens Videos for how to take care of long hair, so I decided to make a hair video for men, a mens video for caring for long hair. This video is for long relaxed wavy curls with a more natural thick look, and shows how I normally do my hair.

\( *¯∇¯)ノ ☆FABULOUS~☆ hair

So these are some of my hair care tips for men – of course women can watch these videos too but there are a plethora of womens videos out there.

A lot of the info is what you will find elsewhere, but for me I find it helps to not feel this negative stigma of having to watch a female video to learn to care for your hair – makes one somehow feel like less of a MAN.

Our culture has somehow taken a 180 and deemed it unfit for REAL men to have long hair – when the past 30 years seemed to embrace it – long hair should be celebrated – whether you do it for metal reasons, personal reasons, spiritual reasons, or you just plain like it.

All you really should do though is make sure it doesn’t look like crap – nobody likes a guy in long stringy greasy hair. The haircare tips for men are just the same for women, and I find it bizarre that men are supposed to not care about their hair in order to appear more masculine – regardless you have to care for your hair – it’s a big investment, and can take a lot of time out of your day, but imo it is worth it.

So yeah, if you like these videos, let me know what else you would like to see or hear from me! 🙂

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