How To Prep Hair for Braids & Protective Styles | Healthy Natural Hair Routine For Growth

How To Prep Hair for Braids & Protective Styles | Healthy Natural Hair Routine For Growth

WATCH THIS video for a detailed routine on a healthy hair routine to prepare hair for protective styles (box braids, wigs, cornrows, faux locs, etc.) This routine will prevent itching, breakage, and dryness and promote growth and lock in moisture for an easy take down! Also get into these blond ombre box braids!

The Mane Choice Cool Aid Infinite Conditioner

Mielle Organic’s Babassu Deep Conditioner

The Mane Choice Ancient Egyptian Collection Leave-in Lotion

Mielle Organic’s Mint Rosemary Scalp Oil

Creme of Nature Pure Honey Knot Detangler

Homemade Oil Blend

–What I used
I recommend for naturals

Detangler Brush:


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► Hair Color:
This a custom color job, created by a stylist at a salon, using a professional system not available in beauty supply stores and which requires a valid cosmetology license to purchase–no I do not know the name. It cannot be recreated precisely and the shade looks different on me every time she touches it up since she blends it up on the spot and it changes shades every time I wash my hair.
Bleach was not used. We have been lifting my hair lighter and lighter over time using developer (which is not bleach) since October of 2015. I will not post a video on how to color because I am not a licensed cosmetologist and I will not give directions on how to use chemicals that I do not have a good understanding of. If you’d like help with achieving this color, please consult a LICENSED professional who specializes in natural hair because coloring will alter your hair and can damage depending on your texture and the process.

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