How To REALLY Grow LONG HAIR FAST & NATURALLY! (Easy Tips + Tricks) 2016

How To REALLY Grow LONG HAIR FAST & NATURALLY! (Easy Tips + Tricks) 2016

Seeing as my hair is very long and manages to grow SUPER fast, today I thought I would share some little tips and tricks that I have picked up along the way to get my hair to the length it is! From 13-17 years old I struggled to experience any REAL growth in my hair due damage (both heat and bleach). I damaged my hair to the point where it snapped off in some areas, causing me to have to get layers cut throughout the top of it to even it out. My shortest layers were at about eye level and if I had to guess it took me just over 3 years to grow my hair to completely to all the same length! So whether you’re trying to grow out layers, dye or just generally want to grow your hair, I hope this video is helpful to you! And by the way, I hope you’re having a great day xoxoxox

5 minute curls, two ways:
Hair Hacks:

The curler I will normally use is the NuMe Lustrum set (25mm Barrel)
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1) Consider hair, skin and nails vitamins. Consult someone before hand!
2) Wash your hair, just not daily.
3)Get Trims, just not too often, or not often enough. Find the perfect balance for you.
4) Gently brush your hair for a few minutes when you get into bed, this is also a great way to disperse the natural oils through your hair.
5) Reduce the amount of heat you used on your hair by incorporating heat-less hairstyles into your routine, turning down the heat on your tool and trying to make your heat styles last more than just one day.
6) Use a heat protectant when you are using heat.
7) Recommendation – Not a tip :’) – Take a before photo so you can track process, it’s slow, but trust me, it’s growing! 🙂


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