I tried BLACK RICE WATER for even FASTER Hair Growth?! Natural Hair

I tried BLACK RICE WATER for even FASTER Hair Growth?! Natural Hair

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HEY GUYS! In today’s video, I will be testing out Black Rice water. So many of you suggested that I try black rice instead of white rice because it is more effective and works faster for healthy hair growth. I really like the black rice water and I did notice that it doesn’t smell as bad as the white rice water. The black rice is a lot more expensive compared to white rice so that is a con. I will continue to use the black rice water for a few months and let you all know if it is worth buying but for a first impression, I am impressed! Make sure to subscribe to my channel for new videos and comment “forbidden rice” in the comment section if you are reading this!

What you need to make Black Rice water
1. Rice-
2. Water

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Thanks for watching I tried BLACK RICE WATER for even FASTER Hair Growth?! Natural Hair


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