LOU TEASDALE The Craft | Silver/Lilac Hair, Makeup, Tips & Tricks!

LOU TEASDALE The Craft | Silver/Lilac Hair, Makeup, Tips & Tricks!

Yo, guys! Interested in silver, platinum or lilac hair? Watch this video! It has some helpful info in achieving unicorn hair!

Silver/Lilac Hair (1:10)
Grunge Beach Hair (4:02)
Grunge Dye Recipes (5:17)
Makeup Inspiration (6:18)
Tattoos (9:07)

Also, be sure to check out the amazing book — The Craft by the oh so lovely, Lou Teasdale! You can snag it from Amazon and it’s literally ram packed with brilliant ideas, tricks, tips and inspiration on hair, makeup, style, fashion and every day life.

Huge thank you to my best friend, Vic, for coming along and talking to you all about hair products (at least one of us knows what is up!) and sharing what her favorite products are.

Any hair or beauty questions? Leave them below and we’ll do our best to help ya out! (:




Disclaimer: All images, audio and content are my own. Music is supplied by YouTube Creation Tools. All products featured were purchased by me for personal use.

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