Make-up Tips | Party Glam Look

Make-up Tips | Party Glam Look

Make-up Tips | Party Glam Look

Eye Shadow Make-up
① Give an eye contouring with Contouring powder type shade No.2 Tan Brown. (whole eye circuit up to underneath of the eyebrow)
② Place a tape in a triangular shape on the top and bottom part from the outer corner of an eye for eyeshadow to be covered as you wish.
③ Fill the triangular area with ‘Innisfree mineral single shadow No.7’ with desired intensity.
④ Carefully take off the tape.
⑤ For better look, take leftover ‘Innisfree mineral single shadow No.7’ to gradually blend the front of the eye and inner part of the double eyelid. Here leave the center of the eye uncovered for more in-depth look.
⑥ Use ‘Espoir eyeshadow No.17 Midnight shine’ along the eye line for in-depth look.

[Products Mentioned]
• Tape
• Aritaum Magic Contouring Powder No.2 Tan Brown
• Innisfree mineral single shadow No.7
• Espoir eyeshadow No.17 Midnight shine


Eyebrow Make-up
① Starting from 2/3 of the eyebrow, place a tape following the natural arch of the eyebrow.
② Tap a tooth brush lightly onto the bright color of ‘Laneige Eyebrow Cushion-cara No.2’ for right amount.
③ Using the tooth brush, smoothly brush the front side to the end of eyebrow.
④ Carefully take off the tape that was attached along the eyebrow.
⑤ Tap right amount of the dark color of the ‘Laneige Eyebrow Cushion-cara No.2’ with a brow brush. (enclosed in a brow kit)
⑥ Accentuate the shape and the texture of the eyebrow using a brow brush and a screw brush.

[Products Mentioned]
• Tape
• Toothbrush
• Laneige Eyebrow Cushion-cara No.2


Lip Make-up
① Melt ‘Espoir Moody Bloody Lipstick Nowear S Bloody Berry’ on back of your hand, load the painting knife on one side, and then mark the cupid’s bow of the upper lip for nice defined line.
② Fill in the rest of the upper lip using a lip brush and clean up the edge with a Q-tip for precise definition.
③ Color the entire lip with ‘Espoir Pigment Sequin Serenad’ from the inner-center part of the lip to the outer corner of the lip. Then tap more products using a fingertip for better adherence.

[Products Mentioned]
• Painting knife
• Espoir Moody Bloody Lipstick Nowear S Bloody Berry
• Espoir Pigment Sequin Serenade

Make-up Tips | Party Glam Look
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