Makeup for Older Women: Beautiful Makeup for Brunettes

Makeup for Older Women: Beautiful Makeup for Brunettes

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Here at Look Fabulous Forever we believe that age is no barrier to looking fabulous. Our beautiful makeup for older women is ‘pro-age’ which means that it is specifically formulated to suit more mature faces, eyes and lips. This video will show you a beautiful makeup look for brunettes.

1. Prime the face, eyes and lips
2. Apply Fabulous Lid Colour all over the eyelid and slightly above
3. Using Brush 8, push Eye Shade in Charcoal into the upper lash line and underneath
4. With Brush 7 and Aubergine, apply to outer corners in a ‘V’ shape
5. Apply Colour Balance Neutraliser in Peach under the eyes
6. Apply Continuous Cover Foundation then apply Cover To Cover Conceal with Brush 4
7. Apply Bring Back Brow Shape and blend with Brush 6
8. Apply Mascara
9. Apply Bronzer with Brush 1, then apply Blush to the cheeks
10. Apply Lustrous Colour Lipstick with Brush 5

Smooth Like Silk Face Prime:
Smooth Out Eye Prime:
Concealer Brush 4:
Never Feather Lip Prime:
Fabulous Lid Colour:
No Shimmer Eye Shade:
Wedge Brush 8:
Shadow Blending Brush 7:
Colour Balance Neutraliser:
Continuous Cover Foundation:
Foundation Brush 3:
Cover To Cover Conceal:
Bring Back Brow Shape:
Eyebrow Brush 6:
Fabulous Lash Mascara:
Enduring Summer Bronze:
Powder/Bronzer Brush 1:
Real Radiance Blush:
Lustrous Lip Colour:
Shadow & Lip Brush 5:

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