Messing Up Magnetic Makeup…

Messing Up Magnetic Makeup…

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I often call my channel a journey into the fun and beauty of amateur science, so why not have fun with a special beauty product: magnetically activated nail polish!
Unfortunately I have no experience with nail polish, but I think it will be all right…

Beauty products donated by
200×50 mm disc magnet and one of the 150×50 mm disc magnets donated by

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Bonus info for you, enthusiastic enough to read the description:
The magnetic particles in the flexible magnets are most likely strontium ferrite based on the dark brownish look. But it may be barium ferrite too.
The thermoplastic binder is typically a polyamide (PA, Nylon 6, Nylon 12) or polyphenylene sulfide (PPS).

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Perspectives by Kevin MacLeod (
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Fluidscape by Kevin MacLeod (
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Light Awash by Kevin MacLeod (
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Lightless Dawn by Kevin MacLeod (
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Impact Lento by Kevin MacLeod (
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Easy Lemon by Kevin MacLeod (
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1) The Shimmering by fran_ky (
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2) Spacial Harvest by Kevin MacLeod (
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