Mrs Hinch shows fans how to clean uPVC window sills

Queen of clean Mrs Hinch, aka Sophie Hinchliffe, has amassed a staggering four million followers on Instagram by sharing her top cleaning tips and hacks, and she’s even released her own book.

Today the cleaning guru posted on the social media platform about how she cleans her uPVC window frames and sills, achieving sparkling results.

While uPVC window frames and sills are particularly durable, they do accumulate dirt and debris, especially when you have white frames. 

But Mrs Hinch shared just how easy it is to get them back to their original white shine using just a Sponge Daddy Dual-Sided Sponge and Scrubber (£4.49) by Scrub Daddy and a good spritz of Elbow Grease All Purpose Degreaser (£1).

To cut through dirt Mrs Hinch used a good spritz of the bestselling Elbow Grease All Purpose Degreaser

To scrub and wipe down, Mrs Hinch used a Sponge Daddy Sponge and Scrubber

Spring cleaning: Mrs Hinch took to Instagram to show her fans how to clean down windows, frames and doors using just two products

Mrs Hinch brushed off any loose dirt and sprayed the sill using the bestselling Elbow Grease All Purpose Degreaser to break down unwanted filth in a matter of seconds. She followed with a good scrub and wipe down using a Sponge Daddy Sponge and Scrubber.

It’s usually recommended that you avoid scouring pads, even for tough grime, as this can scratch the glass and the uPVC, but the Sponge Daddy Scrubber features the same unique scratch-free texture on one side as the original smiling sponge, so you can cut through dirt without damaging the finish of your window frames.

Not only are they scratch-resistant, but the Scrub Daddy range is also made from a unique texture changing material called FlexTexture, which becomes soft in warm water and stays firm in cold water.

Plus, the dual-sided Sponge Daddy features a ResoFoam side that absorbs more water and generates more soap suds than an ordinary sponge, reducing the amount of detergent needed.

And it seems Mrs Hinch isn’t the only fan of the Sponge Daddy dual-sided sponges, as on Amazon hundreds of shoppers claim the sponge makes cleaning a breeze.

Elbow Grease All Purpose Degreaser (£1)

Sponge Daddy Dual-Sided Sponge and Scrubber (£4.23)

The scratch-free sponges allow you to cut through dirt without damaging the finish of your window frames

Mrs Hinch then went on to reveal how she had also cleaned the garden trunk and couldn't wait for spring to arrive

Mrs Hinch then went on to reveal how she had also cleaned the garden trunk and couldn’t wait for spring to arrive

They say it’s ‘worth the money’ and ‘amazing’ for making any surface look brand new, including non-stick pans, oven interiors and shower screens.

‘These sponges are amazing!’ one shopper wrote. ‘Used one today to help with cleaning the oven. What a dream. Took off all food/baked on grease with ease, didn’t scratch the paintwork.

‘Also took off really black stains on the wire racks with ease. And still fully intact, practically looks like I’ve not used it. Will be tackling the BBQ with it tomorrow.’

‘Amazing sponges,’ another raved in their five-star review. ‘Can be used for everything. Baths, sinks, stoves, pans and any other everyday cleaning task. Highly recommend!’

A third shopper explained the thought so highly of the cleaning sponges that they gifted the Scrub Daddy sponges to their family at Christmas.

They wrote: ‘Love these, love the whole range of Scrub Daddy products. I use these for dishwashing, and I can’t speak highly enough of them.

‘Absolutely brilliant for cleaning. I’ve bought them as Christmas presents for my family… I’m sure they think I’m strange.’

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