My Favourite Makeup Tips and Tricks

My Favourite Makeup Tips and Tricks

Shhh its a secret….
Just kidding! 😉 spread the word and pass on anything that you might find useful just as I have with these makeup tips and tricks that I have stumbled across over the year!

These tips and tricks are some of my favourites and they have either improved my technique or saved me a lot of money!

I cover how to make the most of your concealer and different concealer colours
How to prolong the life of your mascara and gel eyeliners
How to achieve the look of more fuller lips
How to and how not to wear false eyelashes
What the best way is to swatch foundation and lipstick.

Disclaimer: I can’t remember exactly where I first heard each tip, and I am not claiming them as my own. They are just brilliant tips from some genius who I thought wouldn’t mind me passing on their words of wisdom 😉

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