Nail Care – Natural Home Remedies for Beautiful Nails

Nail Care – Natural Home Remedies for Beautiful Nails

Nail Care :

• Fingernails are made up of proteins called keratin
• If a regular nail care routine isn’t followed, nail do tend to become dry, brittle and out of shape


• Lack of protein & moisture
• Lack of vitamin A
• Calcium deficiency
• Washing hands often
• Drying under blowers
• Harsh cleaning products
• Prolonged contact with water

Natural home remedy using olive oil:

Olive oil can help form a protective coating on the nail surface.

1. Pour some olive oil in shallow dish
2. Immerse your finger tips in this olive oil
3. Allow them to soak for approximately 15 min
4. Wash your hands with lukewarm water
5. You may use a mild soap for washing your hands but do not apply it on the nails
6. Wipe your hands and nails with a towel

Natural home remedy using canola or safflower oil:

You can use canola or safflower oil to soften & moisturize your nails. This massage also improves circulation.

1. Take some cotton pads
2. Dip a cotton pad in the vegetable oil
3. Massage this on your fingernails

It’s best to use this remedy at bedtime. You may cover your nails by wearing cotton gloves, as this will help seal in the moisture


• Moisturize nails regularly
• File nails in one direction only
• Do not wear nail polish everyday
• Do not bite your nails


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