Nail Care Routine & How-to Cuticle Care

Nail Care Routine & How-to Cuticle Care

Hey everyone! In this video I will share with you my personal nail care routine and how I take care of my cuticles. I am not a professional nail tech so these tips are of my own. I like to use a metal cuticle pusher to push back my cuticles for a clean and elongated look of my nails. A crucial step in my routine is also buffing my nails. I believe that using a gentle buffer can really help smooth and shine your nails for a really nice and professional look. To keep my cuticles healthy and moisturized, I like to use various cuticle creams or Vaseline to ensure strong nail growth. I hope this video will help some of you out there and I hope it will encourage you to perform a nail care routine at least once a week for best results. Thanks for watching everyone and I hope you all learn a tip or two to achieving beautiful, and healthy cuticles and nails!



Products Used:

-Sally Hansen Cuticle Nail Remover
-Quo Cuticle Pusher
-Deborah Lippmann The Cure ultra nourishing cuticle repair cream
-Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream
-Seacret Buffing Block


Music By:

Chaotix – The Space In Between (Royalty Free Music)

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video!


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