Natural Hair Care | Regimen For Healthy Hair – Tips & Tricks

Natural Hair Care | Regimen For Healthy Hair – Tips & Tricks

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Hello guys, what’s up? Much love to you guys
This video is about natural hair care regimen for healthy hair. In this video i told you how often i wash my hair, and how i wash my hair and which products i use to wash my hair. Since i started this regimen for many months, my hair is healthy and change more and more. i meant the texture of my hair changed, the shine, the curls, the moisture, everything is getting better and better. I really encourage everyone to follow my step or to be inspire by what i do.
Also i gave in that video tips and tricks or alternative for a healthy regimen.
This video on hair care may help all natural hair type girls, curly hair, and may be permed hair. (natural hair care, natural curly hair, natural hair, permed hair regimen).
I am very passionate by what iam do and im willing to help any person who needs help in their hair care journey. Please feel free to ask me questions or contact me.
Products i use now:
-Trader Joe’s Tea tree Tingle
-Tressemme Undone
-As I Am Coconut cowash
-Bentonite clay
-Baking Soda
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